My first vegan products!

Who says ‘girl’ says ‘beauty’ ‘makeup’ but it’s better if those fit with ‘green’ don’t you think so ? Absolutely yes !

So let’s go, here are my first vegan products for face care:

  • The first product is the bar soap ALL-ONE HEMP TEA TREE PUR-CASTILE, from the brand DR.BRONNER’S. The soaps of this brand are made with organic saponifying oils and are certified:
    Fair trade (they are made in USA!)
    100% vegan
    -OTCO (Oregon Tilth Certified Organic)
    Leaping Bunny Approved
    non GMO project verified

They make bar and liquid soaps both available in different smells like Peppermint, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Almond, Rose, Tea Tree (mine!), Citrus Orange and they have also a Baby unscented one.

I got mine at the DOWN TO EARTH shop for €6.20. but here a link where you can also get it: Dr.Bonner’s soap


  •  I am so excited for this second product I wanted to get one since ages now: A Konjac sponge ! I’ve read so many good things about this Japanese sponge that it came at the first place on my “must have” list.
    So mine is with Bamboo charcoal, it appears to be the better one for oily skins. So yes, you can choose your sponge according to the type of skin you have, oily (black colour/light green), sensitive(pink colour) dry(red colour) etc.. Or you can choose the ‘All skin types’ one (white colour).
    Mine got the shape of a mouse, (because they only had those at the shop…) but it does exist a puff shape. You can get a sponge only for your face (like me) but there are some for the body, and that’s really great !


I bought mine at the shop NOURISH for €10.99. But here the link to the official website for those Magic Konjac sponge


  • The third product definitely is a must have: Jojoba oil. But not any kind of jojoba oil, a pure cold pressed one !
    This one is from the brand TISSERAND AROMATHERAPY.
    Alright, I already used it, my lover massaged my back with this oil, and I can swear you that my body loves it (a lot!) it got absorbed pretty fast and easily (for sure, Mr. my lover had to put five times some oil in his hand for it to stay and being able to called a ‘massages oil’ !).


I got mine at the shop DOWN TO EARTH, unfortunately I lost the ticket to check the price but it was around €12/€13. here’s two links where you can get your jojoba oil:

  1. TISSERAND Aromatherapy jojoba oil (official TISSERAND website)
  2. Apeiron jojoba oil (not the same brand but this one is really good too, and mostly vegan!)


  •  So, I may will be criticised for the next one, but to remind everyone, some products from this shop are vegan, not all I agree, that’s why if you’re not sure I invite you to check the website The plastic diaries  which relate what products you can get and are vegan. The shop I am talking about is The Body Shop, I can hear you from here “L’Oréal, l’Oréal, L’Oréal!!” Don’t worry I checked the list before stepping in the shop 👍🏽
    And actually I did not buy anything, I got Samples:
  1. A sample from their tea tree collection. It’s the tea tree lotion (1 on the picture). Apparently good for oily skin as a day lotion with or without makeup on, but also as a night lotion. So I am not surprised because I already have a Tea Tree face cleanser and I really love it, my skin looks way better with it. So yes I did adopted the tea tree plant for my skin already, so I hope this product will work.

2)  Then I got two samples from their Seaweed collection: the day cream (2 on the picture) and the night treatment (3 on the picture). Seaweed are also classified as a good plant for oily and skin with acne.. I can’t really say more on those because it’s going to be the first time that I am going to use seaweed product. But be patient fox, I’ll post a review to tell you everything 😉👍🏽!


Here’s my first vegan products! I’ll write a review of each when the moment will be good, to let you all know how is it going with my skin.

Let me know if you are starting a new beauty routine, what products you are using, or if you already find a good one for you and how are you managing it 😀 !

Enjoy the green life foxes 🐺🌺!


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